New/Better Focus/Direction…

First of all let me apologise for the lack of posting as of late. I have been thinking, planing and redesigning the future of EXTINKT. Although I like all the designs I have made up to date they lacked meaning or focus. Which is why I have made the decision that from now on my apparel designs will consist of ‘pictogram’ style illustrations displaying items, technologies, brands etc. that no either longer exist or are no longer in production/use. In other words they are extinct and I want to showcase them on extremely limited edition items of clothing. “Once they have gone, they are Extinkt”

The first three t-shirts are almost complete and I shall post on here when they are ready, so watch this space!

Thank you for reading and please feel free to comment with your views and opinions.

“A Fro” Available For Purchase!

A fro is now available for purchase at my shop. They are a limited edition of 50, each t-shirt has an issue number hand printed on the inside. Once they sell out they become “Extinkt” and will never be re-issued. I currently only ship within the UK however I am working on shipping worldwide so please bear with me.

The t-shirt is screen printed by my own two hands using my handmade printing press. I printed the design in black water based ink onto a yellow 100% cotton tee.